In the Y again
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Swimming again today. It was quite excellent. I must have easily swum 30-40 laps all told, and managed somewhere between 10 and 20 without a stop. I'm continuing to feel more and more at ease in the water, and it seems clear that my fitness level, or at least my swimming competence has improved greatly.

I have an excellent date marker, I ordered a pair of goggles on Amazon about the third day I was swimming, which was October 26th. That makes it about 10 weeks since I started. I don't think I'd classify myself as a strong swimmer by a long shot yet, but, no longer a weak one either. I've kept a pretty good schedule, my own log shows 27 posts, and I know I didn't log every time I went, so I'm guessing around 3 times a week on average.

It's funny looking back, growing up in the UK we were all taught to swim, even life-saving fundamentals, and I pictured myself a fair swimmer. Over the years, as both my fitness level had diminished, and the memory got more distant, it appears now, that I was a little over-optimistic in gauging my ability.

I still feel a little stupid somedays when I glance over at the person one lane over who is passing me, again, to discover that they're probably approaching twice my age, and no Ricardo Montalbán either. I just have to remember that I'm doing this for me, because I want to, because I need to.

Running question - feeling defeated. Xposted to FB.
Can you give me some advice/encouragement?

I am doing the Couch to 5k running program and I'm currently on Wk5. Wk4 has 4 runs (3, 5, 3, 5min, total of 16min) and I really enjoyed it, running 0.9 miles each session on average. I was really looking forward to getting a mile but couldn't quite make it.

I'm finding Wk5 much harder. I've run Day 2 (2x8min) twice but I only ran 0.8 miles. I'm feeling really frustrated - I need to run much faster and much further than this to do the half marathon. Day 3 is a single 20min run but I really don't feel ready for it.

Should I keep plugging away at Day 2 until my pace comes down (first run was 0.8miles, second was 0.82, so only a slight increase)? Should I go back to Wk4 (running faster in shorter intervals) before I try Wk5 again? Those are sensible options but they make me feel defeated. Or should I push on to day 3 and hope that my speed and stamina catch up?

Yay for Yoga.

I'm in San Diego on Business this week. I was supposed to fly out on Saturday (yesterday at this point), but my flight was cancelled due to the Hurricane.

I hadn't packed my mat because it kinda wouldn't fit, and I was pretty cranky when I left.

I knew I couldn't really afford to pick up another one at the price I thought I remembered paying, plus I'd need to pay for the sessions too.

Thankfully I got paid on Friday, so I then did have enough. As my flight was cancelled, I am now here to next Thursday, so getting the mat seemed more worthwhile. I can probably leave it here in somebody's capable hands.

Went to a very gentle session on Friday which was really awesome. Just awesome. Saturday had the session with Laura and her husband Bhava. Laura is a pretty tough cookie and does the vinyasa flow classes. This was more gentle, as it was a Deep Yoga class, and we had some lovely music played by her husband, and a lot of meditation sections as well as a few flow sections that had me working up a pretty good sweat!

I am so stupid not to have brought my mat. If I had been to the sessions earlier in the week, I would have felt so much better for my presentation, and maybe not had the horrible emotional crash I did on Friday.

Oh well, hopefully I'll learn a lesson from this.
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Day Three
I walked again today.

I had set my time to 45 minutes yesterday thinking that would be fine. It wasn't. I wasn't halfway before my legs were hurting and my back was hurting. So I ditched out around 30 minutes figuring that's a good time anyway and then did some simple yoga flows to work out the stress in my back afterward for just a few minutes.

Today I just set it right at 30 minutes. I'm kinda on lunch break anyway, so I didn't want to bugger off for an hour and a half, particularly as we go up late today, so I already felt kinda bad about basically having done nothing today so far.

It was okay. Better than yesterday. My back still hurt at the end, buy my legs were better.

I have no idea how I'm going to get through an hour of Yoga in San Diego right now. Honestly, I'm terrified. Gotta start somewhere though.

I also got some new yoga shorts too as the shorts I have right now are ORANGE, and not very form fitting. They're a bit silly for yoga:

Walk / Run
I managed to get to the Y today. I used the new Active Couch to 5K iPhone app. It sucks. Did about 40 minutes all told.

It's kind of sad how far I've backslid over the summer. My ankles feel week, and I just felt very sluggish.

Oh well, the new term starts in a week or two, and the new schedule will help get us back into the rhythm of it. I've also been looking at the Yoga schedule at Ginseng in San Diego for when I'm out of there.


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