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plexq wrote in motivated_moves
Yay for Yoga.

I'm in San Diego on Business this week. I was supposed to fly out on Saturday (yesterday at this point), but my flight was cancelled due to the Hurricane.

I hadn't packed my mat because it kinda wouldn't fit, and I was pretty cranky when I left.

I knew I couldn't really afford to pick up another one at the price I thought I remembered paying, plus I'd need to pay for the sessions too.

Thankfully I got paid on Friday, so I then did have enough. As my flight was cancelled, I am now here to next Thursday, so getting the mat seemed more worthwhile. I can probably leave it here in somebody's capable hands.

Went to a very gentle session on Friday which was really awesome. Just awesome. Saturday had the session with Laura and her husband Bhava. Laura is a pretty tough cookie and does the vinyasa flow classes. This was more gentle, as it was a Deep Yoga class, and we had some lovely music played by her husband, and a lot of meditation sections as well as a few flow sections that had me working up a pretty good sweat!

I am so stupid not to have brought my mat. If I had been to the sessions earlier in the week, I would have felt so much better for my presentation, and maybe not had the horrible emotional crash I did on Friday.

Oh well, hopefully I'll learn a lesson from this.
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